​Madden 23 Blitz Promo: Release Date, Players, Blitz Bux, and More (2024)

The latest addition to MUT 23 is Blitz promo which will feature many new cards. The NFL community has questions regarding this promo event, so we have got their backs. Here you will get information about the release date, details about players, and the official currency of the event.

Blitz Promo Release Date

Blitz is the official promo event for Madden NFL games that takes place every year. Since its first launch, it has been released on the night of Thanksgiving. It features many great offers, so Madden players wait for it for the whole year.

This event enables you to earn madden 23 coins, and a lot of them, actually. For the year 2022, the official release date of the Blitz promo is November 24. The Blitz promo event will end on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Blitz Promo Players

Below are all the players that you will receive during the Blitz promo. To help you find the right players, they are divided into categories according to the overall rating.

Blitz Champions (94 Overall)

· Michael Vick – Michael is a quarterback from the Falcons.

· Steve Smith Sr. – Steve is a wide receiver from the Panthers.

· Montez Sweat – Montez is a right end from the Commanders team.

· Night Train Lane – Night Train Lane is a comeback from the Lions team.

94 Overall Limited Edition

· Anthony Barr – Anthony Barr is a linebacker from the Cowboys team.

94 Overall Account Bound

· Jaylen Waddle – Jaylen Waddle is a wide receiver from the Dolphins team.

93 Overall Players

· Breece Hall – Breece Hall plays the offensive position of halfback for the Jets.

· O.J. Howard – Howard plays as a tight end for the Texans team.

· Randy Gregory – Randy is a crucial defender for the Broncos, who play as a line breaker.

· Minkah Fitzpatrick – Minkah takes on the safety position on the field for the Steelers team.

92 Overall Players

· Geno Smith – Geno is a quarterback for the Seahawks.

· Chris Olave – Chris plays as a wide receiver for the Saints team.

· Chidobe Awuzie – Chidobe is a cornerback for the Bengals team.

· Kyle Hamilton – Kyle is the safety guy for the Ravens.

91 Overall Players

· D’Onta Foreman – D’Onta is a halfback for the Panthers team.

· Tyler Linderbaum – Tyler is the center for the Ravens team.

· Max Crosby – Max takes the left-end position for the Raiders team on the field.

· Solomon Thomas – Solomon Thomas is a defensive tackle for the Jets team.

91 Overall Rewards Players

This year, the promo event will feature three players that can be sold at the market to earn around one thousand points of the currency. This section features two of those three players. To earn these two players, you will have to complete all the challenges of the Blitz program.

· Breshad Perriman – Breshad is a wide receiver for the Buccaneers team.

· Jordan Davis – Jordan is a defensive tackle for the Eagles team.

90 Overall Players

· Tyquan Thornton – Tyquan Thornton is a wide receiver for the Patriots.

· Michael Badgley – Michael Badgley is a kicker for the Lions.

· Chris Lindstrom – Chris Lindstrom is the right guard for the Falcons.

· Eric Stokes – Eric Stokes is a cornerback for the Packers.

89 Overall Players

· C.J. Ham – C.J. Ham is a fullback for the Vikings.

· Chigoziem Okonkwo – Chigoziem Okonkwo is a tight end for the Titans.

· Brandon Jones – Brandon Jones is a cornerback for the Dolphins.

· Troy Andersen – Troy Andersen is a linebacker for the Falcons.

88 Overall Player

There is only one player with an overall rating of eighty-eight in the Blitz promo, and that player is the third in the list of players that you can sell to earn the currency of the promo event.

· Dane Belton – Dane Belton is a safety for the Giants team.

Blitz Promo Bux

The Blitz promo will feature two different types of currencies that you will be able to earn over the course of the event. These currencies include Blitz Tix and Blitz Bux. Compared to Blitz Tix, Blitz Bux is more frequently used as you can purchase most players during the promo event with it.

Players ranging from an overall rating of ninety-three to eighty-eighty are available through this currency. The second currency, called Blitz Tix, is used for purchasing fantasy packs and champions of the Blitz promo event.

There are more than twenty-five challenges that you can complete to get more than fourteen hundred Blitz Bux. These challenges are time-limited, so you should complete them quickly. Every twelve hours, five new challenges will come online.

There is a side trick through which you can earn one thousand extra Blitz Bux. For this trick, you will have to quickly sell blitz cards of Breshad Perriman, Dane Belton, or Jordan Davis. Players who don’t use these currencies will receive training after the event ends.

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​Madden 23 Blitz Promo: Release Date, Players, Blitz Bux, and More (2024)


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