PDC Q-School: Raymond van Barneveld progresses to Final Stage as he bids for a Tour Card (2024)

Five-time world champion Raymond van Barneveld has progressed to the second round of Q-School, as the Dutch legend bids to win back a PDC Tour Card.

The 53-year-old was pipped to an automatic place in the next phase by Michael Rasztovits, but he has accumulated five points across the first two days in Stage 1A to ensure he would progress to Final Stage from the final Order of Merit - should he not gain automatic qualification on Wednesday.

Rasztovits, Boris Koltsov and Jason Hogg were among the players to qualify for Final Stage on Tuesday.

Austrian ace Rasztovits denied Barney an automatic place with a 6-4 win in their last-eight clash in Niedernhausen.

The former Challenge Tour event winner also defeated Sebastian Steyer, Chris Landman and Steven Noster on the day as he booked his spot in Final Stage, which begins on Sunday.


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Russian star Koltsov, another former winner on the Challenge Tour, continued his bid to win a Tour Card for the first time by defeating Ricardo Pietreczko 6-3 in their decider.

Germany's Lukas Wenig, a two-time European Tour qualifier in the past two years, averaged over 97 in both of his final two games - against Wesley Plaisier and Eimardo Van Engelen - as he progressed.

Dutchman Davy Proosten, a 35-year-old competing in Qualifying School for the first time, enjoyed five strong victories as he secured a place in Final Stage at the expense of former Grand Slam qualifier Michael Unterbuchner, Mario Vandenbogaerde, Mindaugas Barauskas, Moreno Blom and Franz Roetzsch.

Alongside Van Barneveld, German prospect Nico Kurz and Dutch teenager Blom join Germany's Pietreczko and Belgium's Geert De Vos in being assured of spots in Final Stage through the Order of Merit.

Adam Gawlas, Richard Veenstra, Michael Plooy and Lorenzo Pronk qualified on Monday.

PDC Q-School: Raymond van Barneveld progresses to Final Stage as he bids for a Tour Card (2)

UK Q-School

At the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, Ian Mackenzie, a Scottish-born bricklayer based in Worcestershire who is competing in Qualifying School for the first time, defeated Brett Claydon 6-2 to secure his automatic qualification to Final Stage.

The 51-year-old also defeated Fallon Sherrock as well as Cameron Hodgson, Scott Hope and Carl Beattie on a memorable day.

Scotland's Jason Hogg stepped up his bid to win back a PDC Tour Card with a 6-3 win over Josh McCarthy in their last-eight tie, having also defeated former UK Open finalist Wes Newton on the day.

Welshman Mike Warburton saw off Sam Cankett 6-1 to progress, while Huddersfield's Sam Booth defeated former World Youth Champion Arron Monk 6-5 as he qualified automatically.

Monk was joined by former Challenge Tour event winner Claydon, former Development Tour ace McCarthy and Wales' Cankett in the last eight in Milton Keynes as they all picked up valuable ranking points in the battle for spots in Final Stage.

McCarthy's eight points assure him of progression to Final Stage, while Monk and Claydon are joined by Kevin Thomas, David Wawrzewski and John Brown on six points from two days.

PDC Q-School: Raymond van Barneveld progresses to Final Stage as he bids for a Tour Card (3)

History-maker Sherrock, former Players Championship Finals winner Kevin Painter, former UK Open finalist Wes Newton and 2008 Grand Slam of Darts semi-finalist Kevin McDine are in provisional qualifying places going into Wednesday's Day Three.

Wednesday will see Stage 1A conclude, with a further four automatic qualifiers at each venue to be joined by players from the respective Orders of Merit in securing places in Final Stage, which will be held from February 14-17.

Eddie Lovely, Chas Barstow, Derek Coulson and Dale Hughes had already qualified from Monday's action.

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PDC Q-School: Raymond van Barneveld progresses to Final Stage as he bids for a Tour Card (2024)


Is Raymond van Barneveld ill? ›

SPORTS fans were devastated when darts legend Raymond van Barneveld retired in 2019 after a battle with depression. Within a year he reversed his decision, and now the Dutch champ - known as Barney - is back competing at the PDC World Championships, and will face Polish rival Radek Szaganski tomorrow night.

Is Raymond Barneveld still married? ›


The darts legend romantically proposed to lover Julia Evans in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background in February 2022. Van Barneveld has been married once before, but his previous marriage to Sylvia Walraven ended after 25 years following him being pictured with Julia.

How many PDC tour cards are available at Q School? ›

A total of 31 PDC Tour Cards for 2024-2025 will now be available at the 2024 PDC Qualifying Schools.

What happens when you win a PDC tour card? ›

The top two players on the final Order of Merit each receive a two-year PDC tour card and also a place in the PDC World Championship at the end of the year. The winner of the Challenge Tour also qualifies for the Grand Slam of Darts.

What weight darts does Raymond van Barneveld use? ›

Target Raymond Van Barneveld - RVB - Gen 4 - 95% Tungsten Darts - Swiss point - 21g 23g 25g. The RVB Generation Four has been designed alongside Raymond and his exact requirements.

Is Raymond van Barneveld diabetic? ›

After years of struggling with type 2 diabetes, he had enough. Things had to change. Raymond suffers from cold and tingling fingers, which is of course not useful when playing darts.

Why has Raymond van Barneveld lost weight? ›

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD weighed more than Tyson Fury before his dramatic four-stone transformation. The darts legend previously revealed the reason for his incredible weight loss was so he could keep up with the game's "young guns". Van Barneveld had weighed 21-stone before his body transformation.

What is Raymond van Barneveld doing now? ›

On 23 September 2020, Van Barneveld announced his intention to compete in the 2021 PDC Q-School, reversing his decision to retire.

How old is Julia Evans Barneveld? ›

British beauty Julia Evans, 39, began officially dating Raymond van Barneveld in April 2019. However, they were caught kissing in a hotel that February by The Sun. And Evans has told Art About the Floor that she sees a long and happy future with the Dutchman.

Can anyone enter PDC Q school? ›

Qualifying School is open to ANY player aged 16 or above, with approximately 32 Tour Cards on offer. Full details about Qualifying School are available at www.pdpa.co.uk and announced at this website once confirmed.

How much is it to enter PDC Q school? ›

To apply for Q School, players must be at least 16 years old and have a valid passport. Players must also have a PDC Player Number. Players can register for Q School online on the PDC website. The registration fee for Q School is £500.

Where is Q School 2024? ›

The events take place in May and June 2024 at the Morningside Arena in Leicester, England and also at the BSAT Academy in Bangkok, Thailand with a total 12 players qualifying via the four tournaments.

Can you make a living playing darts? ›

Roughly speaking, you can calculate with 1200 pounds per month . So you have to earn 14,400 pounds a year in the Order of Merit in order to actually be able to make a living from darts. Even then you have to reduce your standard of living enormously , because this is just pure prize money .

What age is too late to start darts? ›

Darts is a sport for all ages and it's never too late to join the race.

How many people get through Q-school? ›

The field at Final Stage will feature 167 players. Seventy-nine players advanced via Second Stage, with the remainder of the field gaining direct access to Final Stage via various exemption categories. Here's a look at the field for 2023 PGA TOUR Q-School presented by Korn Ferry's Final Stage and how it was comprised.

What happened to Raymond van Barneveld's head? ›

After struggling with hair loss for years, van Barneveld made the deeply personal decision to restore his receding hairline through a hair transplant. The procedure involves extracting healthy hair follicles from a donor area, typically the back of the head, and carefully implanting them onto the balding areas.

Why did Barney leave darts? ›

EXCLUSIVE'I was depressed, there were troubles in my head... I wasn't a nice man to be around': Five-time world darts champion Raymond van Barneveld opens up on why he quit the sport... and why he's delighted he came back ahead of his 31st World Championships.


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